Place Names and Topographical Maps of Grundy County

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  Indian Trails of Grundy County:  
Map of Middle Tennessee Indian Trails

Map of Tennessee Indian Trails

  1832 Map of Tennessee  (Provided by TSLA)   (Very Large Zip File)  
  1821 Map of Tennessee        (provided by TSLA)  
  Map Series showing the Formation and Changes to Grundy County  
  Original Swiss Colony Map - Large  
  Original Swiss Colony Map - Small (Faster Download)  
  1858 Barney Map - Sewanee Domain (This is the first map of the Domain, made shortly after the Charter was granted and prior to any construction.)  
  1890's Topological Maps of the Region  
  Sanborn Insurance Maps of Tracy City (1894, 1901, 1907, 1917, and 1926)  


  1939 Tennessee Highway Maps (Coffee, Grundy, & Warren) - Used for 1940 Census Districts  


  Old Monteagle Area Roads  
  Civil War Period Roads  
  R. M. Payne Toll Road & Related Stage Roads  
  Dixie Highway and Highways 41 & 41A
  Roads of Beersheba Springs