Churches & Cemeteries

Cemeteries of Grundy County - Books, Maps, and General Information



A Brief History of the Church of the Holy Comforter  
Beersheba Springs Mission 1897 - 1899         
Christ Episcopal Church      (470 pages of church records)  
Christ Church - Episcopal - Church Registry 1 & 2 (Transcribed)      
Christ Church - Episcopal - Service Records 1917 - 1922  (Transcribed)         
History of the Coalmont Methodist Church  
Good Shepherd -Episcopal - 1951 (Foster Falls)  (Transcribed)       
Head of Collins River Church - Minute Book 2  
Morton Memorial United Methodist Church  
Pelham United Methodist Church  
Methodism in Pelham Valley  
Pelham Church of Christ Deed (1896)  
Index of Tennessee Cemetery Books  


"Find A Grave" for all States  
Airview Missionary Baptist Church - Additions to "Cemeteries of Grundy County"  2015  
"Cemetery Inscriptions" by Charles Sherrill  
City Cemetery of Tracy City, TN  
Coalmont Cemetery  
Bonny Oak Cemetery  
Grace Chapel Cemetery - Beersheba  
Henley Cemetery  
Indian Burial Mounds  
King Cemetery - Tarlton  
King Cemetery w/Pictures by D. Norris  
Old Baptist Cemetery - Pelham  

John Partin Cemetery - Roark's Cove                                                           

Patton Cemetery - Pelham  
Pigeon Springs Cemetery  
Shiloh Cemetery - Collins River Valley  
Tarlton Cemetery - Collins River Valley  
Trussell, Ladd, Kilgore Cemetery  (Removed Pending Update)    
Warren Cemetery - Pelham TN    
Warren Cemetery (Photos)  
Misc. Cemeteries of Middle Tennessee (Photos)