Beersheba Springs - "The South's Most Historic Summer Resort"


Beersheba Springs - A History

Volumes I, II, & III   (350 pages) 

Includes the 2012 Supplement to Volume II.

Three volume set that updates and expands the 1983 Edition

This set of 3 books is the definitive text on the history of Beersheba Springs.


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  "First Families" (From the 1983 Edition)

"First Families" was written primarily by Margaret Brown Coppinger in the 1980s and is an excellent reference for family histories.

  Beersheba Springs - A History (1983 Edition) (Searchable text)

This is the text (text only) of the 1983 edition of "Beersheba Springs - A History".

  Memoirs of Morton B. Howell  
  "Fannie Thompson of Beersheba Springs" by Clopper Almon  
  The Discovery of "Beersheba's Spring" - The True Story  
  1860 Business Directory

Excellent insight into Beersheba Springs at its peak.

  Roads of Beersheba Springs