George Thomas Collection

The George Thomas collection includes 7,760 individual with 1302 different surnames.  The collection identifies some 2600 marriages and contains over 60,000 text records.

The collection is presented here in two forms.

1.  A single Family Tree Maker file that can be downloaded for use.

2.  A collection of 13 genealogical reports complete with index for each of the listed individuals

Family Tree Maker File


Family Name

Descendant Book

w/ Index


Family Name

Descendant Book

w/ Index



Adams, William Henry


Metcalfe, James

Davis, Nathanial   Rollings, Benjamin
Dykes, William Del   Schaerer, Henry
Gregory, Samuel   Summers, William
Kilgore, Robert Sr.   Thomas, Jonathan
McFarland, James   Trussell, John
      Walker, William

Paternal Chart

(Thomas Linage)


Maternal Chart

(Davis Linage)


Thomas Family

 Migration Chart