Various Family Files from 1990's John Campbell Collection

The information here is provided without source notes and as such should not be used as Primary Source material.

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  Adams Gibbs   Marler Thomas  
  Barnes Givens   McFarland Thompson  
  Berry Goodman   Myers Tipton  
  Bond Green   Northcutt Tucker  
  Burrows Griswold   Parks Turner  
  Caldwell Gross   Parsons Vickers  
  Cannon Hall   Patterson Walker  
  Conery Hamby   Perry Wanamaker  
  Cope Hargis   Phipps White  
  Coppinger Henley   Powell Whitman  
  Countiss Hobbs   Rhea Winton  
  Cox Johnson   Roberts Woodlee  
  Crabtree Kilgore   Rust Wooten  
  Davis Killian   Sain Worley  
  Dishroon King   Sartain    
  Dugan Knight   Savage    
  Dykes Langford   Scott    
  Fults Levan   Scruggs    
    Lusk   Sitz