Major Collections


These are significant works contributed by individuals or groups for the express purpose of sharing and preserving genealogical and historical information. 


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Collections of Significance

  Partin Family Special Collection
This contains over 1400 names from a wide array of families. The oldest individual was born in the 1500s. The format will allow for various reports to be printed.

Sue Scott's Database on RootsWeb

  Before Sue's passing in May 2013, she provided a copy of her extensive database of over 40,000 names - a lifetime of research.  Her desire was to share her work yet that, though unfinished, it remain unchanged.

Many of us failed to tell Sue how much we loved her when we had the chance but we will demonstrate our love and respect by faithfully honoring her wishes now.

John Campbell Collection
  This collection covers 15 families.  Some researched in depth by Mr. Campbell and others based on information provided by others.  Information is provided in GedCom and FTW formats along with a Descendants Chart for each family.    
Margaret Coppinger Collection - Index

The Margaret Brown Coppinger / Beersheba Springs Historical Society's Collection has been purchased by this web site in a digitized format.  The collection has over 22,000 images.


DVDs are now available to Regional Historical Societies and Libraries

Descendants of Abraham Hargis
  Includes 4,000 descendants with references to over 8,000 individuals touching many Grundy County families.  A well documented research guide.  
Kunz Family Collection                                  
Roy Schild Collection
  Marugg, Stampfli, Tate, and Schild Families. 

Includes some Hi-Res photos.

Campbell Collection - 2

74 Families completed in the 1990's

George Thomas Collection
  Adams, Davis, Dykes, Gregory, Kilgore, McFarland, Metcalfe, Rollings, Summers, Thomas, Trussell, and Walker  


"Rebels, Saints, and Sinners "        
  By Dennis A. Tate   (With authors permission)  
  This 360 page book provides a detailed description of both the Tate and Savage families as well as various other individuals connected to them by marriage or regional association.  As well written a book as you will find.  


"Sain Clan of Middle Tennessee"
  Sain Family Notes from State Archives
"First Families" from Beersheba Springs - A History

Family Web Sites



This an experiment where a web sub-site is created to feature a specific family in greater detail.  This site has the capability to host 10 to 20 of these sub sites.  It will be up to individual families to develop the information for the programmers to use.


  Charles and Elizabeth Rubley Family
  Henry and Nancy Overturf  (Under Construction)