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"When the Mountain Speaks"

The Writings of Jackie Layne Partin  
Mrs. Partin conduct interviews and writes stories that are both entertaining and insightful.  They are a "must read" if you seek a better understanding of the area and its people.    

Special Articles by Local Writers

"The Sad Story of Shufflin' Phil Douglas" by Edwin Burnett  

Books by Charles Sherrill

(Posted on line through special permission)

Cemetery Inscriptions - Grundy County Tennessee  
Death Records of Grundy County Tennessee  
Special Census 1850 - 1880  
"Grundy County Marriages (1844 - 1880)" by Charles Sherrill  
Early Grundy County Deeds  (Later)  

Stories by Barbara Mooney Myers

Memories of Winters and School in the 1940ís in Tracy City, TN  
"Always Blessed With Doctrines and Enough Material Things"  
"The White House at the End of the Road"  
"Early Thirties"  
"Struggling Through the Late 30's and Early 40's"  
"Tales of Pigeon"  
"The Life of a Coalminer"  
"My Days at Shook School"  
"James & Josephine Dove Mooney's Early Years"  
"Challenges of a Young Bride in Smith Hollow"  
"Waiting at the Forks of the Road"  
"Glancing Through My Past"  
"A Field of Dreams"  
"Of Times, Places, and People"  
"Repeating the History"  
"Car Seats to Couches"  
"Nancy's Christmas Tree"  

Stories by Carl Goodman

"Brothers of the Broom"  
"The Medicine Show"  
"My Future as a Farmer"  
"The Rolling Store"  

Diaries, Journals, Notes & Ledgers

"Dennis Priest Curtis Diary"  
Isaac Conger Diary - Circuit Rider of 1813  
Diary of Lottie Partin  
Henry Little's Journal 1900 to 1923 - Eastern Franklin County  
General Interest    

"Grundy County History of

The Church of the Latter-Day Saints"


"1958-Pivotal Grundy County Election"

"The Old House"  
"Memories from My Father"  
"25th Anniversary of the Palmer Clinic"  
"Papa's Hupp"  
"Christmas Memories"  
"Mary Austell Farris"  
Willis Family Cemetery  
"Fort Donelson - One Solder's Story"  
Growing Up in Palmer  

"The Saga of Violette Wakeland"  by Karol Cooper  

Interview with Homer Kunz by Mary Priestly and submitted by Lynda Kunz Harper  

1864 Confederate Raids on Tracy City Garrison

"New Light on Skirmish Here" by Jim Nicholson (1977)


The Story of John Wilkes Booth - "Louisa and the Assassin"  
"The Sugar Shack" by Raymond Hill  
"The Griswold Twins, Lucy and Nancy" by Patricia M. Street  

"Daddy Taught Me How to Fish" by Raymond Hill  

Local Communities


"Pelham Valley Places"


"Homecoming 1986 - The History of the Elk Valley"


Additions & Corrections



"Methodism in Pelham Valley, 1813-2002"

"Life in Pelham Valley in the 1950's"  
"Pelham's People of Color 1850 - 1950"   (Revised 12/2014)  

"Layne's Cove"  

"Ross' Creek"

"Monteagle Roads"  
"Wesley's Chapel Church"  
"Pioneer Days - Pelham Tennessee"  

"Growing Up in Flat Branch"


"Highlight in the History of Coalmont"