1893 Scrapbook Pictures



Images from a scrapbook found in a Nashville second hand book store by Isabel Howell.  The author and recipient are unknown.



"To Aunt Lizzie


Christmas 1893"




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  Stagecoach - Connects Beersheba with the railroad at Tracy and McMinnville Dalhgren Ave. looking North

City Cottage (Nelson - Hopper) White building right of center

Dalhgren Ave. looking North

Brick Row visible on right

  Armfield Cottage Unknown Unknown
  Unknown Path from Armfield Cottage to the Balancing Rock Design of the 3rd Battle Flag of the Confederate Army
  Unknown Believed to be the Waters/Cagle Cottage

Canova Cagle & Wife

White Spring and Armfield Spring House

Spring below the structure and food was stored inside the brick building

  Unknown Balancing Rock

Behind the Armfield Cottage

Large Boulder
  Armfield Gazebo A Test of Balance Identification Key
  1888 Playbill   1888 Playbill
  Note: Printed at Gruetli by Marugg Printers

(Martin Marugg)

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